So I decided to make my website stand out by incorporating a blog styled element. Basically, the idea is to document my opinion on any interesting development I happen to come across.

Given my personality and interests, these posts can span over a plethora of topics. Although I do have a penchant for being highly scatterbrained and rambling about anything and everything fascinating (at least to me), I will try to constrain myself to the following two topics:


To those (some would say unfortunate) souls who happen to be familiar with me, this should come as no surprise. To those of you who are getting to know me - be it through personal interaction or reading these excerpts of self-indulgence - I tend to be the “go-to” guy, in my social circle, for any tech related queries.

Posts under this topic will mainly focus on the following:

1. Opinions on any recent developments in Computing Hardware

Under this sub-topic, I will mainly express my views on recent hardware specific developments. I tend to spend waaaay too much time on reading articles and watching “TechTubers” 1 and often find myself wanting to pen down my thoughts on all things hardware related. This blog will act as an outlet for all of that so I apologize in advance to you readers for subjecting you to my opinions (read rants).

2. Product Reviews

This is pretty self explanatory. As a tech enthusiast (some would say junkie), I often end up spending a significant portion of my income on buying any fancy knick-knacks or doo-dads that catch my eye. As some have jokingly pointed out, tech to me is what food is to most (insert joke about perverse preferences here). In these posts, I will pen down a thorough review of products that I end up purchasing to help others develop an informed opinion in the off chance they are on the market looking for something similar.


To appease my academic audience, my blog will also focus on any interesting developments I happen to come across in the Economics literature. These posts will capture my thoughts about the academic papers I will read in an attempt to create an overview of the literature relevant to my research. While my passions reside mainly in the field of Experimental Economics (and a majority of my posts will reflect that), I will try to incorporate papers from other fields, so long as they are deemed relevant.

  1. Youtube personalities who specialize in technology focused content. ↩︎

Mir Adnan Mahmood
Mir Adnan Mahmood
PhD Candidate, Department of Economics

I am an experimental economist who uses lab experiments to investigate behavior in social and strategic settings.